Abiding Faith Lutheran Church

Jonah was God’s man, God’s prophet.  God called him to go and give a simple message to Nineveh: “Repent or die!” God called him, but Jonah ran.  Then, Jonah repented. Then, Jonah preached.  But, Jonah was angry when God relented.  Throughout Jonah struggles to follow and obey God.  Yet, this isn’t a story about Jonah, the reluctant and sometimes even angry prophet.  This is a story - a true story - of God’s relentlessness.  This is a story about God’s relentlessness for Jonah…for Nineveh…for us.

Worship @ 10 am.
Snacks and Coffee @ 11:30 am.

Where are we?

3409 Charleston Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76123

How can we be contacted?
Phone - 817-294-9303
Email - pastor@abidingfaithlutheran.com